FAQ for Players

We can provide you with pre-written characters which have character building questions for you to further develop your assigned character.

You can change anything about your pre-written character, except your house, your year and your study path.

We can help you make relations with other players before the game starts through facebook groups and Czochabook (we recommend you do this if you have the time).

Czochabook is an ingame social network like Facebook where you post as your character.

You’ll need to bring: a wand, warm clothing, comfortable shoes, a bathing suit (for NIMBUS only), snacks for in between meals, a pen and a notebook, money to buy drinks at the tavern, any decorations you’d like to put in your common room, and any classy clothes you’d like to wear during the ball.

We provide: your robe, your house tie, coffee/tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner (with vegan and vegetarian options). You will be given your Student Handbook and your Bestiary at the school, but in the meantime you can read them online: Student Handbook Bestiary

There’s a tavern (beers, cocktails, sodas…) and a merchandise shop where you can spend Polish Zloty and Euro.

If it makes it easier for you to develop your character we recommend you take a look at our Pinterest boards for hair, make-up, costumes and accessory inspiration.

You are allowed to bring your own booze.

FAQ for NPC and helpers

Find our sign up details on our Helpers webpage:

How to come to Czocha

You will be responsible for setting up the game, cleaning during and after the event and playing various NPC roles during the game. All of this is of course opt-in, but we count on your team spirit and a lot of energy!

You’ll need to bring: good shoes, comfortable and warm clothes (that can get dirty sometimes!), money for fancy drinks in the tavern, and an extra towel if one is not enough for you.

We provide: breakfast, lunch, dinner (with vegan and vegetarian options), snacks, non-alcoholic drinks such as water, energy drinks, juices, tea and coffee, some merchandise and accommodation.

Usually, you will stay in 4-5 people rooms with bathrooms. We provide bed linen, pillows, duvet and a towel.

We expect you to be on site from Wednesday 10 AM to Sunday afternoon.

You do not need to bring any special costumes for NPCing (apart from the base layers mentioned above), we have them on site. However, if you have one (or more) you wish to bring, feel free to do so.

The NPC roles will be distributed on the go, depending on the player’s needs. Just tell us if there’s one specific role you’d like to play when you meet with us on site.

And remember, all of this is free 🙂 You just have to get on site on time!